Health & Wellness

Your Health Matters!

Your health matters!

Your health matters!

The Cottages Retirement Living Community understands the importance of taking care of your body, mind, and spirit.
We encourage our residents to be informed in matters of nutrition and exercise. Ensuring residents have ample opportunities to stay active mentally, increases their ability to enjoy life!
Social connections, whether they come from genuine friends, beloved family, a church community, or a job help fill your life with love, companionship and meaning. The importance of social involvement and an active, involved life cannot be overstated. The Cottages’ dedicated staff are always available to assist you in planning your next adventure. Or feel free to join in one of our many planned activities & outings!

Enjoy Doing What You Love!

Enjoy Doing What You Love!

Being engaged body, mind, and spirit will enable you to weather emotional and physical challenges and, more importantly, enjoy yourself. Don’t assume aging means you need to sit on the sidelines…we don’t! The Cottages provides every opportunity to get involved and stay young at heart.
If the need for more assistance should arise, The Cottage residents have no need to worry! Hilltop’s Home Care offers services ranging from personal to skilled nursing assistance allowing you to maintain your independence and stay in your home longer. For more information on Hilltop’s Home Care Click Here!

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